Enable iThemes Security and UpdraftPlus

We’re enabling both of these plugins today. Backups from GridPane have been down for a month, so we’re hoping Updraft can at least get partial backups up and running again. iThemes should help us with Brute Force attacks. We’ve been getting Brute Force notices from WP Bruiser, but I don’t think Bruiser does anything to automatically blacklist them. iThemes should do that.

8 thoughts on “Enable iThemes Security and UpdraftPlus”

  1. Digital Church

    Welp… Upon running the first backup, UpdraftPlus notified me that the itsec table (iThemes Security) was too large… It was 2.5 million rows.

    I’ve truncated that table (emptied it out) and set iThemes to use a log file instead of a log database. I have a feeling that this was the core issue that killed our GridPane backups as well.

    GridPane is reworking their backup system, though, so at this point, I think we’ll just keep the backups at GridPane off and use Updraft. I will probably also try to set All-in-One Migration to do a monthly full network backup.

  2. Digital Church

    Okay, it makes commenting a little smoother on the end of the user who is commenting, but it doesn’t do much for other users on the page. They would need to refresh to see the latest comment. What if they comment on an already open page?

  3. Digital Church

    Let’s just leave AJAX comments active on our internal group site for now. I’d like to find a way to enable a javascript listener to detect when a new comment has been made and then refresh the comments that way. Currently, the plugin will generate a “Checking for comments…” message when that feature is enabled. I’d rather it not send a message unless someone is typing a new comment, then it could say, “someone is commenting…” like on facebook.

  4. Digital Church

    Let’s add some CSS to make comments prettier: .comment {
    padding: 0px;
    border-radius: 12px;

    .ast-comment-list li.depth-1 .ast-comment, .ast-comment-list li.depth-2 .ast-comment {

    li.comment {
    margin:18px 0;

    .ast-comment {
    padding: 24px;

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